Stocking Project

IMG_2689On December 4th, our BC Aquasonics athletes bedazzled and stuffed 46 Christmas stockings for girls who are living in supportive housing provided by Atira Women’s Resource Centre. And what an amazing job they did! The stockings are beautiful. They will be delivered to Atira this week, along with an additional 2 big boxes of make-up and toiletries for the moms, a cash donation, some baby equipment, and some things for boys.

Thank you to everyone who helped to make this project possible:

  • Joanne Hellbach (Courtney’s Mom) – 18 handmade stockings
  • Rocky Point Dental (Mikayla’s dentist)– toothbrushes, dental floss, toothpaste, and mouthwash
  • Sam Macdonald, Morris National (Grace’s Dad) – Candy for our stockings and for the candy bar at the party
  • Janette Carbonel (Lani’s Mom – past BCAQ) and friends – box loads of stocking stuffers
  • Coach Suzanna Goddard – beautiful things
  • Coach Tanya Magee – baby toys and equipment
  • Heidi Haywood (neighbor of a few Exec Members)  – Mary Kay Make-Up and perfume
  • Murray Haywood, Sysco Guest Supply (neighbor of a few Exec Members) – toiletry sets, snacks
  • Ada Clark (Jessica’s friend) – Mary Kay Make-Up
  • United Food & Commercial Workers Local 1518 (through Danette Lankmayr – Coach Sam’s Mom) – bracelets and cash donation
  • Staff at Westland Insurance (Erin & Caitlyn’s mom’s company) – cash donations
  • Pat Gowdy, Rosemary Heights Dental (Maddy’s mom works there) – cash donation
  • Tammy Lyon (Sirona’s Mom) and Jody Roberts (Maddy’s Mom) for organizing the party
  • Leah Papillo (Mikayla’s mom)  for her assistance wherever she was sent
  • Many of you for supplying bedazzlers and glue guns
  • And of course our athletes and families for the thoughtful gifts, your support for this special project, and the best potluck dinner we have ever had!

Click here for more information on Atira