September 2015 News

Here we go!

Welcome – and welcome back – to the BC Aquasonics! We look forward to another great season for our Club. Our National Stream trials and a synchro camp kicked off the season for some of our girls last week. We look forward to seeing the rest of the competitive athletes in the pool this Wednesday and the recreational athletes over the next month.

Please take a moment to read through this information about the first few weeks of the season: changes in place for this season, parent meetings, wardrobe, and more. If you have any questions, please feel free to email any of the Club Executive or staff. All of our email addresses are available here.

Parent Meetings September 21

We will be holding parent meetings on the evening of September 21 at SSLC in the Meeting Hall (go to the hockey side, up the stairs, down the hall). Come and meet other parents, the Club Executive and our Head Coach. We will present:

  • Information for parents who are new to the BC Aquasonics
  • Information for parents who are new to competitive synchro and what to expect
  • Volunteer opportunities
  • Changes in how things are being done this year
  • What to expect for costs

Meeting Schedule:

6pm Doors Open Stations for information on wardrobe and volunteering
Drop off for Club agreements
6:30pm Meeting Begins

6:30 – 7pm                         


Club President, RaeAnne Rose will talk about what to expect for costs, changes in how things are happening this year, dates of interest, volunteering, and practical information on billing and the new website

7 – 7:30pm Head Coach, Susan Kemper will talk about how the sport of synchro works and how an athlete progresses from Star 1-2 all the way to Team Canada, expectations in our Club, how we train athletes, teams and competitions this year

(Coaches will be bringing their athletes to the meeting room during this time)

7:30-8pm Breakout meetings for each competitive team – join your coach and your team of athletes for a meeting about what to expect on your team this year. Pizza and drinks provided.

We look forward to seeing you there!


At the BC Aquasonics, every family is responsible for providing a number of volunteer hours to the Club. Each family pays a deposit equal to $10 per hour of volunteer time and this is refunded at the end of the season based on the hours worked during the year.

Some of the key opportunities available this year are: Wardrobe Assistant, Photographers, Hospitality Coordinators, Equipment Manager, Event and Fundraising Coordinators, Grant Writing, Team Parents, and Meet Volunteers.

Lots of help is needed! We also understand if you cannot volunteer – in that case you can just buy out your volunteer time at a rate of $10 per hour required.

For more information, click here or contact

Club Handbook Retired

We will not be releasing the Club Handbook this year. Information is now available on our website and will be updated regularly throughout the year. Here are some quick links to find information our website:

Synchro BC Talent ID Camp

Eleven BC Aquasonics are awaiting the result from the Synchro BC Talent ID Camp, held in the Lower Mainland Aug 23-27. The purpose of the Camp was to select the Top 12 High Performance Athletes in the province. In addition, Synchro BC will be selecting a Development Athlete Pool of another 16 athletes. Good Luck!

New Club Hoodies

Check out the new Club Hoodies! Available now on the Synchro Store ($48)

Hoodie FrontHoodie Back

Ordering Wardrobe and Equipment

All wardrobe and equipment purchased through the BC Aquasonics can be purchased online through the Synchro Store. The Wardrobe Coordinator will be organizing fitting sessions for each team to determine correct sizing and then orders can be placed through the Synchro Store. For wardrobe and equipment requirements, click here.

What’s Coming Up

September 9 Provincial Stream season Begins
September 14 National Stream Teams Announced
September 19 Provincial Stream Teams Announced
September 21 Parent Meetings 6:30 – 9pm, SSLC, Multi-purpose Room #2

Star 1-2 SSLC Classes begin this week

Star 3-4 SSLC Teams season begins

October 6 CCAC Re-Opens

Star 1-2 CCAC Classes begin this week

Star 3-4 CCAC Teams season begins

Oct 17-18 or Oct 24-25 Synchro BC Fall Conference & Award Banquet (Competitive Athletes, Coaches and Club Volunteers)

2015-2016 Tentative Meet Schedule

The tentative meet schedule for 2015-16 has been posted by Synchro BC. Please mark your calendars:

If your daughter is on a Star 3-4 Recreational Team:

  • April 8-10   Mabel Moran Championships (Walnut Grove or Watermania)

If your daughter is on a Provincial Stream Competitive Team:

  • Oct 17-18 or Oct 24-25 Fall Conference & Awards Banquet (CG Brown or SSLC)
  • Dec 11-13   Lower Mainland Training Meet (CCAC or Watermania)
  • Feb 6-7         Routine Training Meeting (SSLC)
  • April 8-10   Regionals – Mabel Moran Championships (Walnut Grove or Watermania)
  • May 13-15 Jean Peters Provincial Championships (Nanaimo or Victoria)

If your daughter is on a National Stream Competitive Team:

  • Oct 17-18 or Oct 24-25 Fall Conference & Awards Banquet (CG Brown or SSLC)
  • Nov 20-22       Training Meet (Victoria)
  • Dec 11-13        Regionals (CCAC or Watermania)
  • Feb 6-7               Provincial Championships (SSLC)
  • March 15-20   National Qualifiers (Quebec)
  • Apr 27-May 1 Shiseido Canadian Open (Alberta)