Fall 2017 Club News

Synchro BC Banquet and Conference

The Synchro BC Banquet and Conference was held October 21. The BC Aquasonics had a great night and won many awards.

  • AG 11 – 12 – Provincial Stream Athlete of the Year | Nia Dragonova
  • AG 13 – 15 – Provincial Stream Athlete of the Year |  Daisy Vasquez
  • Adapted Synchro Athlete of the Year |  Stephanie Papillo
  • Provincial Stream Team Award | AG 11 – 12 – Coached by Disa
  • Competitive Volunteer of the Year | Lisa Teskey
  • Sport Development Coaching Award | Adaptive Synchro – Tina Naveri

Congratulations to all the winners!

The club also received an award for growth in number of athletes!

  • Club Development Award – Athlete Growth

The following athletes were also recognized for the Athlete Assistance Program (AAP) funding during the 2015 -2016 and 2016–2017 seasons: Caitlyn Nichols, Courtney Armstrong, Nancy Zhang.

Club Bowling Night

Our winter event this year will be a club bowling night. All BCAQ members are welcome, athletes & families. Details as follows:

Date: November 25, -5:00 pm to 7:30 pm
Location: Coquitlam Zone Bowling
Cost: $20 per bowler, pizza and a drink included

Any questions, please email Leah at leahpapillo@gmail.com or Jody at jody@bcaquasonics.com


Please have a look at our online synchro store for items to purchase. Christmas is coming! Please contact Leah Papillo wardrobe@bcaquasonics.com with any questions regarding wardrobe.

Upcoming Dates of Interest

December 8 – 10 – National Stream Regionals & Lower Mainland Training Meet –– CCAC
December 17 – 10:00am – 11:00am – BC Aquasonics Water Show – CCAC
February 9 – 11 – National Stream Provincials & Provincial Stream Training Meet – SSLC
March 18 – 25 – National Qualifier – Calgary
April 13 – Maple Moran Regional Championships – Richmond
May 11 – Jean Peters – Provincial Championships – Victoria
May 29 – Canadian Espoir Championships – Surrey

 FCP Points – Family Commitment Points

At the BC Aquasonics, every family is responsible for providing a number of volunteer hours to the Club. Each family pays a deposit this is refunded at the end of the season based on the hours worked during the year.

Some of the key opportunities available this year are: Wardrobe Assistant, Photographers, Hospitality Coordinators, Equipment Manager, Event and Fundraising Coordinators, Team Parents, and Meet Volunteers.

Lots of help is needed! We also understand if you cannot volunteer – in that case you can just buy out your volunteer time.

For more information, visit our website or contact jody@bcaquasonics.com.
Please track your hours and report to Christine Drew – contact: ctdrew@shaw.ca

Thank you for all the support – it really is the backbone of the club!

Welcome to the new season from the BCAQ board.

Welcome and welcome back to the BC Aquasonics!  We are very excited about this season which is now well underway. Don’t hesitate to reach out to anyone of our club executive or staff; our contact info is available on the website. Our website contains lots of great information on policies and program information as well as our synchro store. We look forward to chatting and seeing you all at the pool. Best of luck this season!