Senior Coach Tanya Magee Artistic SwimmingTanya Magee, ChPC

Tanya Magee nee Matson has been involved in synchronized swimming since 1992 as both an athlete and a coach within the province of British Columbia. Tanya was a member of Team Canada from 2001 to 2007, winning multiple gold, silver and bronze medals for Canada.

She has also helped coach athletes onto the Canadian National Team who have competed at international competitions. In 2013, Tanya coached her 13-15 team to the finals at the National Championships which had not been done in B.C. since 2005. She has coached with the B.C. Aquasonics since 2002 with a brief hiatus while she trained at the Centre of Excellence in Montreal.  While living in Montreal, Tanya achieved her coaching Level 3 status (current Comp-Dev Trained) and coached at Dollard Synchro.  Tanya encourages her athletes to be independent and be involved in their training.  Her programs develop skills that help her athletes when they decide to make the transition into other facets of life.

In 2007, Tanya became a fully certified NCCP Level 3 Coach. Upon her return to B.C., Tanya was selected as the Apprentice Coach for the 2008 Canadian National ‘B’ Team where she was able to work with the top athletes in Canada as they prepared for the Swiss Open.  In 2010, she was named the assistant coach to Team B.C.  She took that team to the 2010 U.S. Open in Dallas, Texas and to the Canada Winter Games in 2011.  In 2014, Tanya completed her Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Education and Coaching.  During her studies, she was the recipient of the Bob Bearpark Coaching Award of Distinction as a second, third and fourth year student.  She was selected as valedictorian for her graduating class; however, she was unable to attend her graduation ceremony because she was coaching her team at the National Championships!

Tanya’s goal is to run a program that demands excellence through the development of self-responsible, accountable athletes who will be able to use their experience in this sport to enhance their life outside of this sport.

Excellence expected.  Self-responsibility learned.  Personal growth achieved.

ATHLETE ACHIEVEMENTS |  National Team Athlete 7 Years; 2010 National Team Apprentice Coach; 2011 Canada Winter Games Team B.C. Assistant Coach; 2004 Canadian Open and U.S. Open Duet Champion; 2002 Junior World Silver (Combo) and Bronze Medalist.

SYNCHRO PET PEEVE | Athletes who do not go under right away when I say “under”; sitting out of pattern waiting to pick up music; land drill that is not sharp


CAREER GOALS |  To obtain my coaching Level 4 certification; To coach some coaching courses to new/up and coming coaches who are passionate about teaching their athlete.

MOST MEMORABLE SYNCHRO EXPERIENCE |  Making the Canadian National Team for the 1st time when I was not expecting it.

PERSONAL BENEFITS FROM SYNCHRO |  Hearing from parents how I have helped their daughters both in and out of the pool.

Suzanna 2016 2Suzanna Goddard

Suzanna has been involved in synchronized swimming since 1995, as an athlete and a coach. Suzanna became a Recreational and Provincial Stream coach in 2005, coaching athletes that later achieved success nationally. In 2013, Suzanna attained her certification as an NCCP Competition Development coach and began coaching National Stream and Masters level athletes. Suzanna’s 2014 Masters Team won Gold in the FINA World Masters Championships.

As a member of the Malaysian National Team for 7 years, Suzanna came to Canada to train with Susan Kemper in preparation for the Commonwealth Games. Suzanna balanced training and studies, completing 2 years of college as an athlete. She went on to complete her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology and a Diploma in Criminology. In 2008, she graduated as a Gold Cord Recipient (top 10th percentile). Suzanna encourages her athletes to take ownership of their goals and to cultivate a passion for what they do, in sport and other aspects of their lives.

ATHLETE ACHIEVEMENTS | National Team Athlete 8 Years; National Solo & Duet Champion for 3 years; 2001 South East Asian Games Solo & Duet Gold; 2014 Coach of the Masters World Championships Gold Team and 4th Place Combo

COACHING ACHIEVEMENTS | Coaching the 2014 Masters World Championships Gold medalists in Team, coaching the 2015 Alien Junior Team towards their goal of making Finals at COSSC, Qualifying BCAQ’s first Duet in the 11/12 Age Category at 2013 Espoir

SYNCHRO PET PEEVE | Sloppy land drill & athletes not going under when the coach says “Under”

CAREER GOALS | To continue to be a positive role model for my athletes and to coach a team to a podium finish at Nationals!

MOST MEMORABLE SYNCHRO EXPERIENCE | Winning Gold at the 2001 SEA Games in Solo & Duet

PERSONAL BENEFITS FROM SYNCHRO | Watching my athletes become strong, independent, young people who are not afraid to dream BIG and chase their goals.

Sam 2016 2Samantha Lankmayr

Sam swam with the PacificSport and BC Aquasonics for 8 years from 2001-2009. As an athlete, she competed in Provincial, Western and National Championships with the club and also attended the US Open in the summer of 2009.

After one season of being both athlete and coach, Sam retired from swimming to focus on her coaching career. In 2014, Sam attained her certification as an NCCP Competition Development coach and graduated with a Sport Science Diploma – Kinesiology Specialization and a Bachelors Degree in Physical Education and Coaching, from Douglas College. In 2015 she completed her Bachelors of Education and now works as both a  Synchro Coach and Elementary School Teacher.

COACHING ACHIEVEMENTS | Head Coach of the first 12 & under team from BCAQ to attend the Espoir National Championship; Received Comp-Dev certification after only 4 seasons of coaching competitively; BC Summer Games Coach in 2014, 2012, and 2010; 2011 Synchro BC Excellence in Coaching Award

ATHLETE ACHIEVEMENTS | 4th place Combo at the US Open 2009; Silver medal at Canadian National Championships 2009;1st place Team at Westerns 2008

PERSONAL BENEFITS FROM SYNCHRO | Being a competitive athlete with the Aquasonics gave me the opportunity to travel with my team all across the country while building lifelong friendships. I have attended competitions in St. John’s, Saskatoon, Winnipeg, Montreal, Nanaimo, Quebec City and Tuscan, Arizona for the US Open. Being a synchronized swimmer has shaped me into the person I am today.

Erin 2016 2Erin Williams

Erin competed as an athlete for 11 years and swam National Stream for 6 years. She was a member of Team BC and competed in the 2011 Canada Winter Games. Erin retired as an athlete in 2014, after her team earned a Gold medal at the Canadian Open Synchronized Swimming Championships, and a bronze medal at the US Open Championships.

Erin began coaching for the BC Aquasonics in 2011 and earned her NCCP Competition Development certification in 2015. Alongside coaching synchronized swimming, she was also an Intern Coach with Simon Fraser University Varsity athletics for 4 years where she assisted with various Strength and Conditioning programs. In 2019, Erin completed her undergraduate degree at Simon Fraser University, earning a Bachelor of Science (Honours) with Distinction, and was the Valedictorian of her graduating class. Currently, she is working toward a Master of Science Degree in Biomedical Physiology and Kinesiology at Simon Fraser University, as well as becoming a Chartered Professional Coach.

COACHING ACHIEVEMENTS | Coached BC’s first Mixed Ability team; Coached Stephanie toward earning a Silver Medal in her Adaptive Solo at the 2018 Espoir National Championships; Earned NCCP Competition Development Certification (2015); BC Summer Games Coach in 2018.

ATHLETE ACHIEVEMENTS | Gold medal at Canadian Open Synchronized Swimming Championships 2014; Bronze medal at US Open 2014; Silver medal at Canadian Open Synchronized Swimming Championships 2013; 4th place Team at 2011 Canada Winter Games.

PERSONAL BENEFITS FROM SYNCHRO | Being a competitive athlete growing up helped shape so much of the person I am today – it helped me develop confidence, a healthy lifestyle, and countless life skills. As a coach I absolutely love sharing that with others, and watching athletes grow throughout their time competing with BCAQ. As well, being a competitive athlete gave me the opportunity to travel to many places with my team – I have attended competitions in every province (excluding Newfoundland & Labrador, and New Brunswick), Las Vegas, and Hawaii. My family also hosted an exchange student from Brazil for a year who swam on our team… then, in 2016 me and some of my teammates went to visit her, and also got tickets to watch synchro in the Olympics!

Vanessa 2016 2Vanessa Baxter

As an athlete in synchronized swimming Vanessa swam for 8 years. She competed at provincial level and national level competitions. She also competed internationally at the 2010 and 2011 US Open. Vanessa was a member of Team BC and competed in the 2011 Canada Winter Games. She retired in July 2011 but continues her synchronized swimming career through coaching.

PERSONAL BENEFITS FROM SYNCHRO |  As a recreational and provincial stream coach for BC Aquasonics I enjoy helping athletes set and achieve goals. Additionally, I enjoy the learning experiences and opportunities that are provided through coaching.

Coach Jessica Friesen Synchronized SwimmingJessica Friesen

Jess competed with the BC Aquasonics for 7 seasons from 2009-2016. She competed as an athlete at the provincial level and then continued on to compete national stream for 4 seasons competing at the National Qualifier and National Championships as well as attending the US open in the summer of 2014 and 2015. Jess has also competed for the University of Ottawa GeeGees for two seasons and is pursuing a Bachelors degree in Health Sciences.

PERSONAL BENEFITS FROM SYNCHRO |  Synchro has given me some of the greatest opportunities of my life as an athlete. As a coach I get so much joy and pride from watching my athletes and the younger athletes in the club compete and experience what I got the privilege of experiencing as an athlete.

Coach Sarah Birkbeck Artistic SwimmingSarah Birkbeck

Sarah swam with a small recreational club in Okotoks Alberta for 3 years before she decided to go competitive and joined the Calgary Aquabelles. Sarah swan with the Aquabelles for 6 years, 5 of which she swam at the national level. With the Aquabelles Sarah competed in Provincial, Western, and National Championships, and also competed at the first two National Qualifiers. In 2012 Sarah also was given the opportunity to represent Canada at the Caribbean Island Swimming Championships in Aruba.

In 2014, Sarah moved to Peterborough Ontario to start her Bachelor of Science in the Honours Program in Forensics and Psychology at Trent University. She continued to swim recreationally and began coaching for both the local, Kawartha Trent Synchro Club (KTSC), and university, Trent Synchro, organizations. In the summer of 2019 Sarah was the assistant coach of Team Ontario’s 13-15 team. Sarah moved to Vancouver in 2019 to begin her Master of Counselling Psychology program at Adler University and began coaching with the BC Aquaponics. Sarah is a trained Competition Development Artistic Swimming coach and hopes to be certified soon.

ATHLETE ACHIEVEMENTS | Consistently placing at the National Championships in both Team and Combo. Represent Canada at the Caribbean Island Swimming Championships in Aruba and placing 4th in Duet and 1st in Team.

COACHING ACHIEVEMENTS | Assistant Coach of Team Ontario’s 13-15 team at SYNC 2019 and the 2019 UANA PANAMERICAN Championships. Coached the JR Solo Technical Champion at the Ontario Open Championships in 2019. KTSC’s Jennifer Black Ruth Award recipient in 2019 for leadership, dedication, and love of the sport.

PERSONAL BENEFITS FROM SYNCHRO | I have traveled across Canada, to the United States, and to Aruba to compete and train. During my years of swimming I made lifelong friendships and gained so many life skills that have shaped me into who I am today. As a coach I hope to pass on my passion of the sport to my athletes and help them achieve their goals.