We are very proud of every BC Aquasonics coach and athlete who has been selected to Team Canada:

Biz Price 1st National Team Member from the BC Aquasonics: National Team 1981-1983, National Team Coach 1996, Olympic Assistant Coach 2000 Susan Kemper nee Crews National Team 1987-1995, Olympic Head Coach 2008, National Team Coach 2000-2008, Coquitlam Hall of Fame 2009
Chemene Sinson National Team 1983 Kathy Glen National Team 1985-1994 / 1996
Charlene Walford nee Davies National Team 1985-1991 Christine Larsen National Team 1986-1992 / 1995-1996, Olympics 1996, Coquitlam Hall of Fame 2009
Karin Larsen National Team 1986-1988, Olympic Team 1988 Jenny Broom National Team 1986-88
Jennifer Ringrose National Team 1986-1988 Deanna Abdurhman National Team 1987
Ursula Peterson nee Pederson National Team 1987-1988 Traci Meads National Team 1987-1988
Janice Birch nee Bemner National Team 1989-1996, Olympics 1996 Deanna Clark National Team 1995-1997 / 1999
Kelly Taylor National Team 1996-1997 Tiffany Graham National Team 1997
Allison Edgar National Team 2001 Tanya Magee nee Matson National Team 2001-2007
Jessica Outhwaite National Team 2003-2005 Laura Elliott National Team 2004
Dominika Kopcik National Team 2004-2008, Olympics 2008 Samantha Standeven National Team 2005-2007
Sandy Gill National Team 2006-present Emilia Kopcik National Team 2007-2013
Veronica Winter National Team 2008-2009 Olivia Zawadiuk National Team 2010