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At the BC Aquasonics, every family is responsible for providing a number of volunteer hours to the Club. This is called our “Family Commitment Plan.” Each family pays a deposit equal to $10 per hour of volunteer time and this is refunded at the end of the season based on the hours worked during the year.

Lots of help is needed! We have enough jobs to go around – see below for the openings this season. (Please note that swim suit bedazzling, sleepover hosting, and chaperoning are not part of the volunteer program.)

We also understand if you cannot volunteer – in that case you can just buy out your volunteer time at a rate of $10 per hour required.

For more information, contact Jody.

Commitment for 2016-17:

  • Junior Team – 50 hours / $500
  • 13-15 NS Team – 45 hours / $450
  • 13-15 PS Team – 35 hours / $350
  • 11-12 PS Teams – 20 hours / $200
  • Advanced Rec Teams – 4 hours / $40
  • Intermediate Rec Teams – 3 hours / $30


Volunteer Opportunities

Please consider taking on one of the following positions this year:

The Family Commitment Plan Coordinator secures volunteers for all necessary positions, assist volunteers with issues that may arise, and tracks hours completed.

The Family Commitment Program Coordinator organizes the Club’s Volunteers.


  • Fills the open volunteer positions at the beginning of the season
  • Collaborate with Meet Manager to recruit volunteers for meets
  • Maintains a record of filled positions and contact information
  • Tracks volunteer hours of members
  • Issue statements of FCP totals to members in January and the end of the season
  • Assists volunteers to solve issues that arise

Anticipated Hours:         30

Reports To:                        Vice President

This year, we would like to do a Coach photo shoot, team photo shoot, plus action photography at Regionals and Provincials. This job can be shared by multiple volunteers.

Multiple photographers needed for action and still photography.


  • Coach photo shoot
  • Team photo shoot (one in Uniform, one in competition suits)
  • Action photography at meets in BC
  • Sort through photos taken to pare down he number of options
  • Provide both high and low resolution photos
  • Coordinate online photo sharing
  • Meet photos need to be sent to the media coordinator within 24 hours of the meet

Job Sharing:                      This position can be shared between multiple photographers to ensure that all teams are photographed at meets; Coach and Team Photo shoots should be looked after by one photographer

Anticipated Hours:         Variable

Report To:                          President

The Equipment Manager assists coaches with sound and video equipment issues, coordinates repairs and purchasing of new equipment, and maintains inventory of equipment for insurance.

The Equipment Manager works with the Head Coach to ensure we have the necessary sound and video equipment in good working order.


  • Research and purchase new sound, video and other related equipment as needed
  • Maintain the sound, video and other related equipment or coordinate technicians to service equipment as needed
  • Maintain equipment inventory list for each pool for insurance purposes

Special Skills Needed:  AV technical expertise

Anticipated Hours:         15 hours

Report To:                          Head Coach

Every team has a Team Parent who distributes information, assists the wardrobe coordinator with fittings, coordinates team activities, helps coordinate competition suit bedazzling, distributes fundraising materials, assists with meet volunteer recruitment, and other activities as determined with the coach.

Maximum: 10 hours per Team Parent.

Team Parents assist the Coach and the Executive with team communication, social activities, and other activities.


  • Distribute pertinent information to athletes and parents via email and/or phone
  • Notify schools of Team competition results
  • Coordinate team food donations for Club hosted meets
  • Organize distribution of the team competition suit decorations and headpieces
  • Assist with volunteer recruitment for meets
  • Coordinate two team bonding activities during the season
  • Distribute and collect Synchro BC raffle tickets to each family
  • Assist parents with making carpool connections
  • Contact team members with emergency information as necessary
  • Distribute fundraising information and product
  • Other responsibilities may be requested by the Coach or Executive

Hours:                                  10 hours

Report To:                          Team Coach

OFFICIALS – Judge and Referee training courses are offered by Synchro BC. Once trained, judges and referees can earn their volunteer hours at the BC Aquasonics by judging or refereeing at meets.  Officials are essential to our sport.

HOSPITALITY COORDINATOR & ASSISTANT – For several meets this year, the BC Aquasonics will be the host Club. At these hosted meets, the Hospitality Coordinators are responsible for coordinating the officials’ hospitality room including food, beverages, decor, and security.

The Hospitality Coordinator organizes meals, beverages, décor and security for the officials’ hospitality during meets. We will be responsible for hosting 2 meets this year.


  • Organize a meal plan and assign teams to provide food for each meal
  • Coordinate food donations from each team
  • Purchase food, beverages, plates, napkins, cutlery as needed to round out the donated food
  • Set-up the room and provide some simple decor
  • Solicits donations from community sources for additional food or beverage donations
  • Works with Meet Manager to coordinate volunteers to tend to judges’ room at all times during the meet

Anticipated Hours:         40 hours

Report To:                          Vice President

MEET VOLUNTEERS – At local meets, there are many different volunteer opportunities including scoring, assisting with hospitality, running the video camera, announcing, timing. All the jobs are necessary to run a meet successfully but they are all easy to do! Sign-up occurs online through Synchro BC prior to each meet.

At local meets, there are many different volunteer opportunities to help run a successful meet. Sign-up occurs online through Synchro BC prior to each meet.

  • Setup – Set up tables for scoring, judges chairs, etc
  • Announcer – Make any and all announcements, including introducing competitors and scores (script is supplied by Synchro BC)
  • Scoring – Record figure scores announced by referees
  • Timers – Time and record the times of all routines
  • Video – Video tapes all routines where there are required elements for Synchro BC
  • Runners – Collect score chits from judges after each routine and deliver them to the computer assistant
  • Clean‐up

Anticipated Hours:         Variable

Report To:                          Meet Manager/Chief Referee

FUNDRAISING COORDINATOR – the Fundraising Coordinator plans a fundraising program for families to participate in, coordinates volunteers to organize fundraisers, assists volunteers to successfully implement their project, and tracks all funds raised for each activity.

The Fundraising Coordinator plans and oversees a fundraising program for families to participate in


  • Develop a fundraising plan for the year
  • Source out and develop new fundraising activities for the club
  • Coordinate and support other volunteers to organize each fundraisers, assisting them to successfully implement their project
  • Assist with securing donations for Club events
  • Record keeping of all funds raised and the allocation of funds to each family
  • Promotion of fundraising activities via email, the website, Facebook, and team parents
  • Report results to Executive Committee

Anticipated Hours:         20 to 30

Report To:                          Vice President

SWIM-A-THON COORDINATOR – the Swim-a-thon Coordinator coordinates logistics, volunteers, marketing, and online fundraising for a swim-a-thon fundraising event.

OTHER FUNDRAISING ACTIVITIES – if you are interested in coordinating a fundraising activity for the Club, please contact a member of the Club Executive. In the past we have sold gift cards, Purdy’s Chocolates, poinsettias, and Panago Pizza coupons, worked at golf tournaments and held car washes.

GRANT WRITER – researches grant opportunities and applies for appropriate grants.

The Grant Writer is responsible for researching grant opportunities and applying for appropriate grants.


  • Research and locate opportunities for grants
  • Complete appropriate applications for grants
  • Maintain a contact list of grant makers and the results

Special Skills Needed:  Writing

Anticipated Hours:         20

Report To:                          President

SPONSORSHIP COORDINATOR – researches and secures corporate sponsorship for the Club in return for marketing and promotion opportunities.

The Sponsorship Coordinator is responsible for researching and securing sponsorship as well as ensuring the Club fulfills the marketing rights promised.


  • Research and locate opportunities for sponsorship
  • Update the sponsorship kit
  • Arrange meetings with potential sponsors
  • Complete appropriate applications for sponsorship
  • Develop sponsorship agreements with sponsors
  • Organize the fulfillment of marketing rights provided to the sponsor

Special Skills Needed:  Marketing, Sales

Anticipated Hours:         Up to 50

Report To:                          President

The Media Coordinator writes and submits press releases and photos to local media following all meets and significant announcements in the Club, as well as notifies schools of athlete achievements.

The Media Coordinator writes and distributes press releases to local media and notifies schools of athlete achievements.


  • Maintain a contact list of local media outlets
  • Write and distribute press releases
  • Maintain a contact list of athlete schools and key contacts at each school
  • Notify schools of athlete results by email
  • Monitor newspapers for media exposure
  • Update website/social media with newspaper articles
  • Must be available to write and distribute press releases and school announcements within 48 hours of each meet

Job Sharing:                      This position could be shared between two volunteers

Special Skills Needed:  Writing, Public Relations

Anticipated Hours:         50

Report To:                          President

CHRISTMAS PARTY – The Christmas Party Coordinators organize the venue, meal, activities and promotion of our Annual Christmas Party.

The Christmas Party Coordinator organizes the annual Christmas party.


  • Arranging for an appropriate venue and date
  • Coordinating food, activities and décor
  • Promotion of the event to athletes and parents
  • Coordination of volunteers to help at the party
  • Connect with past coordinators to learn about challenges

Job Sharing:                      This position can be shared between 2 people

Anticipated Hours:         20

Report To:                          Vice President

WATERSHOW – The Watershow Coordinator organizes the admissions table, signage, volunteers, a printed program, and fundraising activities at the annual Watershow in April.

The Watershow Coordinator organizes the “out of water” components of the annual Watershow in April.


  • Organize an admissions table to collect payment at the door
  • Create signage for the admissions area
  • Organize volunteer to help at admissions table and other activities
  • Create a printed program to hand out to guests
  • Organize a fundraising activity or two to raise funds at the event (raffle, auction, etc)
  • Set-up and take down of equipment

Anticipated Hours:         15

Report To:                          Vice President

OTHER EVENTS –  New ideas for Club wide events are welcome. If you would like to organize an activity, please discuss with a member of the Club Executive.

Filled Volunteer Positions

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Vice President Finance
  • Board Directors (3)
  • Wardrobe Managers (2)
  • Website Manager
  • Travel Coordinator
  • Family Commitment Plan Coordinator